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Who Killed King Charles I?

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by John Harrison

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On 30th January 1649, King Charles I was executed in London by the severing of his head from his body. Seven years after the King had declared civil war, Britain became a crown without a king and eventually a Republic under Oliver Cromwell.

Lord Grey of Bradgate House in Leicestershire played a vital role in the civil war, both militarily and politically. He was one of many suspects as to the identity of the mysterious hooded executioner of the King.

Another Leicestershire man, Colonel Francis Hacker, served under Lord Grey during the Civil War but played a significant role in the events concerning the King's execution.

This book is a historical detective story to link events and people to a shocking act of regicide - the killing of a king.

A mysterious murder in a Leicestershire village in 1674 could provide a vital link in this fascinating investigation into revealing the identity of the executioner of King Charles I.

40 pages with colour prints.