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Aida's Little Book of Essential Oils

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by Tarina La Rue-Blood

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Aromatherapy in great detail with over 30 colour photographs.

Hello, welcome to "Aida's Little Book of Essential Oils." Aromatherapy has been a passion of mine for about 10 years - when I first discovered that a few drops of Lavender essential oil could turn my insomnia into a blissful night's sleep, safely, with no side effects or groggy feeling the next morning. Since then, I've experimented with lots of other oils, many of which I have written about in the book.

This book doesn't go into the history of Aromatherapy, who discovered what and when - a lot of books on the subject do, but personally, I always skip that part as I find it rather boring! Instead, this book aims to concentrate on the essential oils themselves, how to apply them and the various ailments they are used to treat. Aromatherapy isn't just about healing; however, oils can also be used to create relaxing/stimulating/sensual atmospheres in the home and work environments, too.

Anyone who has soaked in a long, hot bath with Jasmine, Neroli and Rose oils will know what a blissful experience it can be!

Although essential oils are relatively safe to use, it is important to use them with respect. For example, with very few exceptions (e.g. Lavender and Tea Tree) they must not be used undiluted on the skin. Physiologically, essential oils do their work when they enter the nose through inhalation and when applied to the skin, they are absorbed into the blood stream. From there, they travel around the body to affect various internal organs, according to the properties of the oils used. The psychological effects occur when their aromas enter the nose and stimulate the olfactory nerve, which then stimulates responses from areas of the brain dealing with the emotions. Certain scents associated with events or people from our pasts can have a powerful emotional impact on us, sometimes invoking visual memories: for example, the aroma of lemons never fails to vividly recall to my mind a wonderful holiday I had in Corfu and a special taverna where dozens of lemon trees bursting with ripe fruits grew in the garden. In the middle of a miserable English winter, it can, momentarily, be summer again! In times of emotional stress, it is a good idea to think of scents that made you feel good years ago…. Over the years, I've had great success treating minor ailments - both physical and emotional. For more serious problems, consult a doctor, dentist, chiropractor, or other qualified practitioner. For safety guidelines, please read the chapter "Contraindications and Safety Data." See also the section on massage.

In case you're wondering at the "Aida" part of the title, I can explain! I also have website and forum devoted to essential oils called Aida's Aromatherapy. I have had this on the go for several years, so a book seemed like a pretty good idea.

I hope you enjoy this book and that you find it helpful, informative and a pleasure to read.