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Quorn Postcards

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Quorn Postcards

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These four postcards show fascinating glimpses of the village of Quorn in days gone by. It is interesting that each one shows a pub, something that Quorn has no shortage of!

1) Main Street Quorn
Leicester Road, Quorn has been known by many names over the years including Main Street which appears on one of the postcards. This photograph was taken around 1910. Almost all the buildings on both sides of the road have now been demolished. On the right can be seenthe Mill House pub and part of Wright's Factory. In the distance is Quorn Cross and the Royal Oak.

2) Quorn, Leicester Road (ie with the Royal Oak)
A closer view of the cross looks towards the Loughborough direction and shows the Royal Oak on the left and the White Horse on the right. Again taken 1910, the pedestrians seen very relaxed about walking in the middle of the road. Not something you would want to contemplate today!

3) The Cross Quorn
only one of the postcards shows a motor vehicle. This photograph was taken in the 1950s, it is on Quorn Cross, looking towards the White Horse. What is now the white horse garden and car park were at the time, busting little shops and you can see signs for the fish and chip shop and Coca Cola. Many residents will remember this view of Quorn and recall the taste of Mr Dockray's fish and chips!

4) Quorn, Near GCR Station
The Manor House Hotel is on the Woodhouse Road close to the Great Central Railway station. it was built in 1899 a year after the station opened and the license was transferred from the Three Crowns-and bear house on Meeting Street. The large house on the right is on the corner of Chaveney Road and called The Towers.