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Inns of Leicestershire

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by Eric Dare (reprint)

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The author of this publication has left us with a rich, earthy account of over 250 pubs in Leicestershire, enlivening their history from Charles II's reign to the heyday of pubs in the early 19th century and through to the bar-side stories of the old men of 20 years ago.

The pub-life of skittle alleys, ratting pits and Devil-amongst-the-Tailors has all but disappeared but the warm comradeship of the working men who found refuge there from the harshness of daily life is still alive.

Many of these pubs still exist, albeit with new names and modernised interiors but as a focus of local community life they form an important element of Leicestershire's heritage.

Eric Swift was my uncle and Reprint has my full and warm support in presenting this new issue of his "Inns of Leicestershire". [John Satchell]