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Bygone Leicestershire (1892)

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by William Andrews (reprint)

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A collection of historical essays by different contributors, first compiled and published in 1892 and edited by William Andrews FRHS. There are more than 20 chapters, with varied titles:

Historic Leicestershire (Thomas Frost)
John Wiclif and Lutterworth (John T. Page)
The Last Days of a Dynasty: An Introduction to Redmore Fight
The Battle of Bosworth (Edward Lamplough)
Scenes at Bosworth: The Blue Boar at Leicester
Bradgate and Lady Jane Grey (John T. Page)
Leicester Castle (I.W. Dickinson)
Death of Cardinal Wolsey at Leicester Abbey (I.W. Dickinson)
Belvoir Castle
Robert, Earl of Leicester: A Chapter of Mediaevil History
Local Proverbs and Folk Phrases (T. Broadbent Trowsdale)
Festival Customs in Leicestershire (Henrietta Ellis)
Witchcraft in Leicestershire (J. Potter Briscoe)
William Lilly, the Astrologer (W.H. Thompson)
Gleanings From Early Leicestershire Wills (Rev. W.G.D. Fletcher)
Punishments of the Past
Laurence Ferrers, The Murderer-Earl (T. Broadbent Trowsdale)
The Last Gibbet (Thomas Frost)
The Ancient Water-Mills at Loughborough (Rev. W.G.D. Fletcher)
Ashby-de-la-Zouch Castle and its Associations: Ashby-de-la-Zouch and the French Prisoners (Canon Denton)
Miss Mary Linwood: An Artist with the Needle (William Andrews)
Street Cries (F.T. Mott)
Minstrelsy in Leicester (Rev. Geo. S. Tyack)