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A Miner's Child Talking Book 6CDs

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by Nora Chambers

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Jane, my eldest granddaughter listened with interest as I often related my childhood memories to her. "Grandma, why don't you write a book?" she asked. I looked into her eyes. She was quite serious.

"Who would want to read about my life? Nothing very important has happened; I was just an ordinary child with a basic elementary education, and normal home and school upbringing. Besides, there have not been enough events to write a book."

"Just write about anything, everything you can remember. I'm sure you can do it," she argued. "I will help you."

I accepted her challenge. Memories were crowding into my head. Jane had just completed her Master's degree in Applied Linguistics. I knew I would have plenty of help and advice. At least, having written about my life and loving family, my grandchildren and their children will recognise the woman who has in some way been a part of their lives, and learn of the ways and times in which I lived.