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Memories of Barrow - Upon - Soar. 1865-1875

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by Malcolm Dark

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F.J.NEWMAN Article 1865/75.


Nos. 2,3&4, Bridge Street.
5&6, South Street.
6&7, Sileby Road.
, Grove Lane
, Melton Road & Beveridge Street.
10, Church Street.
11, North Street and Occurences Cotes Road.
12, High Street & Occurences.
14, The Dry Summer.
15, The Floods.
15&17-18, The Holidays.
19,20 &21, Trades and Occupations.
21, Trades which have disappeared.
The Flour Mill
After which it became a plaster mill.
Stone Masons.


Rush Chair Seating.

Framework Knitting.

Limestone Quarrying.

All these occupations found work for a large number of people.

NB. The numbers refer to various headings within the script.

I have revised this interesting article in order to correct many spelling errors and sentence constructions. All details are as previously written and full recognition is acknowledged to the original author.

Malcolm Dark. February, 2011.

The original typescript is held in the Barrow-on-soar collection in the Local History Dept. at Loughborough Library.