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Bygone Sileby: Historical Facts About The Village Part 1

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by Rev. R. J. Hunting

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We are indebted to the late Reverend R. J. Hunting for this most in-depth account of Sileby's history, reprinted here to enable the reader to appreciate the history of the village as the original author would have wished.

The original booklets were written by Rev. Hunting in the late 1960s/early 1970s. There were several booklets which he produced periodically. We have taken some of these as they were originally written, and used them to form one very interesting and informative book.

Chapters include:
How Sileby began
Sileby in the Domesday Book
Sileby in Norman times
Hard times in the village
Cricket in bygone Sileby
Home life in Sileby 50-100 years ago
The History of Sileby Parish Church