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Walk Small: Talk Small

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by Reverend Michael Odlum

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I have tried and now, in the autumn of my life, I wish I had started much earlier and properly read and absorbed that book my aunt loaned me - by Dale Carnegie! and I am indebted to Cathy Stephens of the Groby Jewellers for sending me a copy to refresh my memory.
As I look back over the years all I seem to remember are the mistakes, the embarrassments, the missed opportunities for kindness and the people I have either hurt or neglected. There is much to be ashamed of.
I suppose that I will have to answer for St all one day, and I won't enjoy the debriefing, but surely a loving God will be willing to make allowances this time and at least give me a pass mark? I want to go on to higher things! In conclusion I can only thank all of those who have helped, supported or tolerated me during a very varied and enjoyable experience on this earthly level - especially my long-suffering wife.
I have no fear of my eventual departure for I did not originate here, do not belong here and am only on my way through. When I die I go home again - Just like being let out of prison. Lessons learned and the rest of my life to look forward to, hopefully in the company of family and friends who have been released earlier.
Michael Julian Odlum

In the Beginning
Exported to America
Wartime with the RAF
Into Battle
Recovery and Re-training
The Far East
The Metropolitan Police
Publican, Pet Shop and Priest
The Windward Islands
Calliaqua, Evesham and Mesopotamia
Return to England
The Prison Service
Eastchurch (Standford Hill) Prison
HMP Leicester, Ashwell and Glen Parva
Faith versus Religion