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The Story of My Life Working For the 10th Duke of Rutland

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by Charles Roger

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Living in the shadow of a stately home in the middle of England from 1940 tillthe year 2,000 - this is a true account of village life on a large country Estate owned by the 10th Duke of Rutland.

Life Revolved around Belvoir Castle and the six surroundings villages of Woolsthorpe, Knipton, Croxton Kerrial, Branston, Barksone-le-vale and Redmile.

The Estate is a place you can feel safe, with tenanted farms and cottages being past down from one generation to the next going back over hundreds of years. You can travel for nine miles from one side of the Estate to the other, with lttle development taking place to spoil what must be one of the most beautiful places in England.