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Leicestershire Parish Registers of Marriage in Villages around Melton Mowbray (1914)

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This publication, found in an old bookshop minus cover, was first published in 1914 in a very limited print edition.

Any person trying to trace their family tree, and knowing that their family resided in this area around Melton Mowbray, is sure to find some invaluable information within these pages.

The parishes covered:
Goadby Marwood (1657-1837)
Long Clawson (1558-1837)
Old Dalby (1725-1837)
Nether Broughton (1577-1837)
Saxelbye (with Sholeby) (1555-1837)
Asfordby (1564-1837)
Thorpe Arnold (with Brentingby) (1558-1837)
Wyfordby (1558-1837)
Saxby (1680-1837)
Stapleford (1655-1837)