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book reference 336": Memories of a Leicester Photographer

by Brian Rushin

Price: £8.00

Brian Rushin as a young boy took a great interest in photography and over the years has introduced a wide circle of friends this book makes a very intresting read.

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book reference 229": Methodism In And Around Leicester

Price: £5.50

A brief history of the roots and development of Methodism in Leicester and Leicestershire, from its beginnings in the 18th century.

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book reference 350": Out Of The Ashes Of Leicester

Price: £11.50

Two years after the end of the second world war. At three, Providence Place Leicester on March the 17th a mother was getting her son ready for his bath. The time was around four o'clock … [more about book reference 350]

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book reference 351": Over My Shoulder

Price: £8.00

The Formative Years

The twentieth century commenced with some quite dramatic event.
There was the death of Queen Victoria, the short reign of King Edward VII, who died in 1910, and after the … [more about book reference 351]

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