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As The Years Have Passed By In Nottingham

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by William Leaning (reprint)

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An interesting history of Nottingham from Saxon times to the nineteenth century, written by William Leaning, Headmaster of the Albert Street Council School of Bulwell, Nottingham: "Approved by the city of Nottingham Education Committee for use in the Schools under their control."

Includes the following sections:

How Nottingham came to be inhabited
The events which led to the Saxon Occupation of Nottingham
How Nottingham came to be a Danish Fortress
Edward the Elder makes Nottingham a walled city
Nottingham divided between the Normans and the English
What Domesday Book says about Nottingham
Nottingham in the terrible time of Stephen
Nottingham's importance under Henry II
How Richard the Lion-Heart returned from the Crusades and besieged Nottingham Castle
Nottingham—the favourite home of the wicked John
Henry III a prisoner at Lenton Priory
How the Friars came to Nottingham
The Story of Mortimer's Life and Capture in the Castle
How Nottingham helped to make England rich through the manufacture of wool
The dark days for Nottingham and England before the Wars of the Roses
Nottingham's important share in the Wars of the Roses
How Richard Crookback marched from Nottingham to his death on Bosworth Field
The events which led to Charles I raising his standard of war at Nottingham
How Charles's Proclamation began the war between the Cavaliers and Roundheads
Nottingham's exciting experiences in the Civil War
How Nottingham welcomed the Restoration of Charles II
The Plague in Nottingham
Nottingham welcomes another change of kings
Riots and "Machine-Smashing" in Nottingham
How the Castle came to be burnt
The industries which have brought wealth to Nottingham
Pictures of Old Nottingham
Peeps at the Old Market Place