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Memories of a Quorn Lad. Boy Hood Too Manhood Volume 1. 1933 to 1956

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by Clifford Newton

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Ask myself why it was that I decided to write my autobiography. I don't really know - It seemed a good Idea at the time. Being a total abstainer with nothing much else to do during the long winter evenings it was as good a way of passing the time. Also, the scourge of modern society and television has almost destroyed the art of conversation. A better reason I believe is my having lived through a period of history as exiting as at any time since time began. In the span of 100 years from the 1st January 1900 to 31st December 1999 man has split the atom, affected a return journey to the moon and back plus much more.
Me? Well, Clifford Newton is no-one in particular, millions will never have heard of me and those who may will not be particularly interested anyway. For that reason, as a very ordinary, everyday fellow there Is little, if anything of my life which will go down in the history books.
Undoubtedly, as a consequence of the years one's thoughts tend to reminisce occasionally of times past, especially happy memories and me nearing the end of the 20th century. Ordinary folk do not normally write their memoirs or autobiographies. That's as good a reason as any for anyone starting. Only time will tell within the next hundred, or thousand, years If such writings of today will make any interesting reading.
Nevertheless, having reached my 65th official retirement year I have had, all in all, a good, full, varied, colourful and interesting life so far, taking into account a great many changes around the globe and have therefore decided to recall and record as much detail as possible from memory by putting 'pen to paper' so to speak on, Initially my 'donking' typewriter followed by an electronic typewriter, a new-fangled word processor and finally a computer.
Before going any further I must explain I am not in the slightest form religious. Indeed, If anything antl-rellgious. Agnostic - YES! Atheist - no, not Intelligent enough. An atheist is someone who has read and understood all the religions of the world. I suggest there cannot be any more than a handful across the globe. However, regardless of that, despite my tames of grief, hardship, tragedy and worry along life's path I have in the main enjoyed, being extremely happy and fortunate in family life, marriage, health and work, So, if there is such a place as heaven I’m in it NOW!